Hello! My name is Ornit Kravitz, and I am the owner of KAMEO. I chose Antiparos of all islands, just a few minutes upon arrival to it for the first time in my life. I set foot on it and I knew it was the one. Why? That is exactly what this blog is about – to try and explain what it is about Antiparos that makes total foreigners like me react so strongly to it.I invite you to take this journey with me so we can unfold the magic together…Read more

When I first heard the name “Antiparos” in August 2021, it was while I was looking for a location for my hotel. My first thought was that it may be bad karma to name a new business “anti–something”.
Stars night in Antiparos (and I am not talking about the Hollywood stars this time!) One of the things that captured my attention from the very moment I set foot in Agios Georgios, was the all-encompassing darkness.
Today marks a full year since our incredible journey began, and I am absolutely thrilled to celebrate this special milestone. It feels like just yesterday, on July 25th, 2022, when KAMEO came into existence, like a new addition to our family.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with immense joy and anticipation that I announce the official opening of the 2023 season! After months of tireless preparation throughout the winter, this moment has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
For many years, while I was immersed in the world of capital markets, the closest I got to hotels was enjoying my stays as a guest (which, let me tell you, I absolutely adored). But now, as the proud owner of my very own hotel, I have some insights I’d love to share with you from the other side. So I gathered some thoughts of what can make your vacation in KAMEO (or anywhere else) more enjoyable:
When I heard about “Clean Monday” that represent “cleanse” both physically and spiritually, first thing that came to my mind was the Jewish Yom Kippur. So being a serious PhD scholar I immediately started investigating. And stopped after about 2 seconds to simply ask chat GPT (smarter than me anyway) – is there a connection between the two holidays?
Two weeks ago, there was real excitement in Agios Georgios (well, I admit—it was mainly my own). Rumour has it that Netflix is on the island filming a new movie. Though I tried, I couldn’t get much info except that it is a documentary about a love story.
While driving towards Agios Georgios an amazing site is revealed: With the beautiful bay of Agios Georgios and Despotiko right across, the Island of Tsimintiri in between and Serifos and Sifnos far behind, with many little boats and amazing yachts in the middle of all this - it is truly magic.