Guests of KAMEO can expect a tailor-made experiences on the island range from beach hoping, sea and sun dreamy days, culinary gaudiness through the island amazing restaurants and many more.


If you’re passionate about exploring a variety of beautiful beaches on the island, whether they are organized or in their natural state, you’ll absolutely delight in spending your days discovering the most enchanting spots in our area. Feel free to inquire about the top places for swimming, arrange beach picnics, or catch a stunning sunset, and we’ll gladly assist you in planning your perfect day.


Just a short stroll from KAMEO, you’ll find the waiting point for boats headed to Despotiko Island, located right across from us. There, you can explore the mesmerizing ruins of the Apollo Temple and embark on a tour of the stunning beaches and turquoise water caves that adorn Despotiko. If you have a passion for beach-hopping and wish to discover some of the finest beaches on the island, we’ll be your knowledgeable guides for a full day (or even two) of exploration, taking you to the most enchanting spots in our vicinity.


The Antiparos Cave is a natural wonder, just ten minutes away from KAMEO. Renowned for its captivating beauty and intricate stalactite formations, this underground marvel offers a fascinating journey into the depths of the Earth. Visitors can explore its winding passageways, adorned with stunning calcite crystals and awe-inspiring chambers that seem like something out of a dream. The cave has a rich history, having been explored since ancient times, and it continues to amaze and inspire all who venture into its subterranean realm, making it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Antiparos.


Watching stars from complete darkness is a profound and almost mystical experience. As the shroud of night envelopes you and obscures all terrestrial distractions, the celestial canvas above comes to life with a brilliance that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. KAMEO star-nights became our guests favorite night out. Join us!