Summer tips!

For many years, while I was immersed in the world of capital markets, the closest I got to hotels was enjoying my stays as a guest (which, let me tell you, I absolutely adored). But now, as the proud owner of my very own hotel, I have some insights I’d love to share with you from the other side. So I gathered some thoughts of what can make your vacation in KAMEO (or anywhere else) more enjoyable:

First, always reach out to the hotel directly: as a traveller, I would often rely on booking platforms like or Expedia, book there and patiently waiting for my travel dates to arrive. Little did I know that I was missing out on so much! Apart from the obvious financial benefits of booking directly with the hotel, there is a wealth of information you can gather from the hotel team themselves. By doing so, you can better plan your stay and make arrangements well in advance. This way, you can secure bookings for restaurants, boat trips, car rentals, and other attractions that may be in high demand during the peak season when the island is bustling with visitors. Trust me, it’s always wise to organize and secure reasonable prices ahead of time.

Immerse yourself in the place and its vibe: As a traveller, I always cherished the opportunity to interact with the local people. Their lives, their perspectives, and the paths that led them to where they are fascinated me endlessly. It wasn’t just about being a caring person (although I genuinely am!); it was a way for me to reflect on my own journey, my position in life, and what lessons I could glean from their experiences. You won’t fully grasp all of this by simply booking online. Take a chance, send an email, strike up a conversation, and discover what the hotel and its surroundings have to offer. It’ll kick-start your journey long before you arrive and make the entire experience even more enjoyable.

Delve into the history and culture of the place: Antiparos, the captivating island I call home, boasts a unique blend of archaeology, geology, and historical significance. Before you embark on your trip, take the time to explore the various aspects that pique your interest. Whether it’s ancient ruins, geological wonders, or local traditions, understanding the options available to you beforehand allows you to plan your activities accordingly. For example, personally, I am very passionate with world wars. I know it sounds bad but I will try to explain: I have an insatiable curiosity about World Wars and their intricate details (the alliances, weaponry, strategies, and even the mistakes made). When I arrived in Antiparos, I wanted to discover what happened there during the WW2 and I discovered its pivotal role in Greek resistance I (check out my Oxi Day blog for more!). So, my advise is to learn what options and information there are regarding your interests. You will be surprised what you will find out!

Bottom line – don’t hesitate about reaching out for us long before yor arrival. We are waiting for that!

I hope these tips will help you towards this summer and to all our fellow travelers, I can’t wait for you have an unforgettable summer with us, as our only purpose of our being here is to create the atmosphere of joy and ensure your happiness!

We can’t wait to embark on this incredible journey together!

With a lot of love,