Antiparos and the NYTimes

While I wrote my PhD in media studies, I needed to take some society and media courses. One of my professors always claimed that if you take a subjuct and cover the way its portrayed along time you can understand the evolution of the society. The way the subject is depicted in the era, according to him, is the best way to learn and understand the society itself. I didn’t take too much attention at
this time, but I decided to do some research and find out if Antiparos was mentioned in foreign press and in what context and to try to see the changes and to see the evolution.

I found gold really and learned a lot from this exercise and there is one thing that I found extremely interesting that I would like to share.

First – since I am limited with my language I searched only in English. Second, the far I could find in archives is 1800 (before I didn’t find any printed archives newspapaer) but its far enough from me, we have two centuries to compare (and anyway when you get to 2000, it was mainly stories about Tom Hanks building a house in the island…)

So I made separation 1800-1850
1700-1800 – one French Agriculture rare book describing specific place in Hungary and comparing it
to the “Grotto of Antiparos” – L’agriculture, poëme 1774

Between 1800-1899 there were 150 mentions in the press

Between 1900-1999 – 31 mentions

2000-2022 – countless… mainly about Tom Hanks

So I decided to focus n comparing the two centuries the 19 th and the 20 th and see if I could find a difference in the topics that Antiparos was mentioned about.

In the library of congress I found

link I

link II

link III

link IV